Fascia Gun Massager

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Fascia Gun Massager ,also known as deep myofascial impact instrument, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissue of the body through high frequency impact.

How Do They Work?

The massage guns are equivalent in size to a handheld power tool (think power drill or reciprocating saw). The term “gun” is likely associated with the devices because they are handheld and are operated by a trigger mechanism. Most have a hardened plastic head on one end that pulsates in and out of the device. The head, which is typically a ball shape, moves back and forth at a rate of 2,000-2,6000 percussions per minute at an amplitude of around 16 mm. This pulsation of the massage gun head is what creates the massage and vibration in your muscles, which helps to release the fascia and increase blood flow to the targeted area. All of the devices on the market come with varying heads that can be attached to target different areas. The different heads come in different size balls, wedges, cones, forks and cylinders and are interchangeable.

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